Advanced controls

The controls can be adapted for both disabled persons and VIP penthouse living accommodation.

What ever you want the building is only onetouchzone™ away.

An intelligent building can be designed and built to run continually night and day. It is linked to the outside world using a high speed broadband connection.

Lighting Control

One touch point of access to remote control all the lights on the intelligent building lighting system, internal as well as landscape scenes.

Or arrange for each room by pre onetouchzone™ control / area to be lights can be preset, to automatically be activated, if light levels are low and notify the security system if in an alert state.

Hotel Lighting Control

With intelligent lighting controls, the lighting can be linked to the security door access control and occupancy system.

Whenever anyone enters a room the lighting can be automatically set to an appropriate pre set lighting mode.

TV viewing

Onetouchzone™ controls linked in to the TV system, view TV programmes on the screen so keeping you up to date with the news and other favourite programmes

Internet Radio

Onetouchzone™ control to allow any one to listen to the radio selected from an Internet Radio site around the world

Digital Audio

Onetouchzone™ control to listen to MP3 audio files from a media server or directly off the internet or through a DAB aerial.

Digital TV and media storage

Onetouchzone™ control to play Digital TV and NAS stored media storage any where in the building connected to the central control system.

Telephone system & VoIP

Onetouchzone™ Answer a call from any hand set from multiple exchange lines - no need for dedicated hand sets for specific lines.

Individual numbers for each occupier with different ringing tones - identify personal and business calls. An ideal solution for home working and a house hold with teenage children.


The whole building could incorporate an intercom system - no more shouting up and down the stairs.

One-way listening

Onetouchzone™ Touch one switch and have a baby listening monitor able to be listened from any room.

TV, Telephone and Computer Network

Onetouchzone™ - Watch TV from cable, satellite or a video in any room in the house from a single, centrally located satellite (or cable) set top box, VCR, DVD etc... Sky-Digital, DVB (Digital Video Broadcast) and cable-TV compatible, plus with a motorised satellite dish, over 2000 free-to-view channels.

Onetouchzone™ - Plug in a telephone, fax or computer modem in any room. Additional points provided in the study to allow for additional telephone lines and internet access.

Computer network hub/router

Network the buildings computers - share printers, scanners and other devices

Have simultaneous access to the internet; business, education, home shopping through one external link, used for multiple uses - Onetouchzone™.

Use of rooms

Onetouchzone™ - Able to change the use of a bedroom into a home office without the need to re-wire.

Onetouchzone™ - Able to change the look / feel of a room by scene or mood lighting control integrated into the system.

Heating Control

Onetouchzone™ control to allow a single point of access to set and review heating (and cooling) settings and control the climate.

Curtain/Blind Control

Onetouchzone™ control to a single point of access to open and close curtains, solar blinds even for each room or motorised roof lights

Landscape Controls

Onetouchzone™ control to a single point of access to set whole landscape scenes for entertaining, etc.

Landscape Irrigation Management

Onetouchzone™ controls to a single point of access to manage the time and event functions of the automatic landscape irrigation system.


Onetouchzone™ controls allows for a single point of access to manage the time and event functions of the security systems (CCTV, door access, intruder alarm etc.

Door entry video phone / access control

Remote access control

Onetouchzone™ controls allows for Remote control the drive gates or the garage door from with-in the car, activate external lighting remotely

Occupancy simulation

Onetouchzone™ controls allows automatic control lighting to give the impression the property is in fact occupied

Life security

Onetouchzone™ controls allows for security Panic alarm buttons placed in various rooms. This can either call a monitored facility, or a general alarm.

Onetouchzone™ controls allows for user Panic / health alarm buttons placed in various rooms, or carry a small panic alarm the size of a wristwatch around the house. This can either call a monitored facility, neighbour, a family member or a doctor's surgery.

And the best bit....

Onetouchzone™ controls are designed for you, to be automated, operated in the premises or remotely controlled via the web.

Want to be able to secure the premises due to an unplanned event - can do Onetouchzone™.

Want to be notified if you have a delivery or delivery / caller to the premises and talk to them when not at the premises - can do Onetouchzone™.

Want the system to monitor itself an call an engineer if part of the system fails - can do Onetouchzone™.

Want for the building to be monitored and remotely fixed when authored / requested by the owner. - can do Onetouchzone™.

Want to save electricity for no work, reduce running costs - let the intelligent building work out when a room is not being used and switch off the lights - can do Onetouchzone™.

Want to save gas consumption for no work and reduce running costs - let the intelligent building work out when a room / building is not being used and lower or switch off the heating - can do Onetouchzone™.

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